Cream of Spinach walnut and mushroom soup

Cream of Spinach, Walnut and Mushroom Soup is a super-power recipe that is easy to make, fully nutritious and delicious too!

A food processer, a handheld or kitchen top type will both work.

Essentially, you want to start with ground walnuts. If your walnuts are whole, you need to grind them down (or even chop very small).

Lastly, once your spinach is cooked, you'll want to puree it all together. The smoother you like your cream soups , the more you'll need a food processer.

Okay, let's get started with the ingredients:


100g of ground walnuts
30g of Serriana Olive Oil
500g of fresh spinach
600g of vegetable stock
1 large (sweet) onion
150g of vegan cream
3 brown mushrooms (~ 100g)
nutmeg, pepper, nutritional yeast
A little vegan cheese or feta cheese

swaping ingredients

A lot of these ingredients are interchangeable. For instance, you can swap walnuts for any tree nut - almonds, hazelnuts etc.

Equally, you can exchange spinach for chard - or mix them - or even, use beetroot leaves! Any large green leaf with a lot of iron in it will do!

The Serriana olive oil is essential - of course :).

You can swap a sweet onion for a leek, of course.

If you don't have vegetable stock, use water and add a vegetable stock cube.

I use vegan cream - partly to avoid cow's milk with its high lactose content - but you can use normal cream if you prefer.

Lastly the mushrooms give the soup a 'meatier' flavour - so, if you are missing these when you cook, you can swap for garden peas or fried broad beans.

Note: typically, this recipe uses butter instead of olive oil - but we know that's not good for our health nor is it great for the planet either! Here are more ways to swap butter for Serriana olive oil.

how to cook cream of spinach walnut and mushroom soup

Good news! Cream of Spinach, Walnut and Mushroom Soup is super easy to make!

0. Prepare your walnuts (ie grind them or chop very small - or if you bought them pre ground, skip this step)

1. Chop the onion and gently fry in 30gs of Serriana olive oil until soft and golden

2. Add the vegetable stock (or water and stock cube) and bring to the boil

3. When boiling, add the spinach and nutmeg (or other sweet herb such as Oregano)

4. After about 3 or 4 minutes when the spinach is soft, puree it altogether.

5. Add cream and mix in gently, bringing the soup to heat - but don't let it boil.

6. Add vegan feta cheese and mix in a large desert spoon of nutritional yeast 

7. Serve into bowls while frying sliced mushrooms in a little Serriana olive oil before topping each bowl with the mushrooms and a final drizzle of oil.

8. Enjoy! 

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Cream of Spinach, Walnut and Mushroom Soup with Serriana Olive Oil

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