How to Cook with Olive Oil

Olive Oil Recipes for Serriana Olive Oil
Vegan Paella with pumpkin seeds

There are essentially three ways to cook with Olive Oil.  And improve your health and diet!

I call these three methods Swap, Inspire and Change! I'll go through each here and show you some great recipes to get you started...


Firstly, you cook in the same way as before. You simple swap ingredients, such as butter, with olive oil.

You'll find this the quickest and easiest way to get started with a healthier and tastier diet.

Check out this article on how to swap olive oil for butter for both cooking as well as spreading.


Next, get inspired by the opportunities that great olive oil gives you to find new ways to cook. New recipes.  And new ideas.

Now you are ready to try new things. Initially, start by following recipes. 

However, as you grow more confident start changing those recipes bit by bit until they are just right!


Lastly, as you grow to love and feel comfortable cooking with olive oil, you'll find that you have changed what you eat.

Foods that you found dull or boring before, now taste as they should.

And, as you develop your taste for pure olive oil, you'll want to eat differently and better too.

To get started, check out the olive oil recipes page here.

One way to increase your healthy eating and use of Serriana Olive Oil, is to follow a Mediterranean diet.

Obviously, there is no one set 'Mediterranean diet' - so, look around for different ideas from different chefs whose food you enjoy. 

Recently, cooks such as The Hairy Bikers and Jamie Oliver have published books on the Mediterranean diet. You can find some of those here:

Mediterranean Adventure - Hairy Bikers

The Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book - Tony Harrington