Marmalade on toast with olive oil doesn't need a recipe, does it? Well, of course not, but you might want to find out that you can! And that it tastes super good and of course, is good for your health! Read on...

Marmalade on toast - with olive oil - yum!

You know how to make toast. But have you ever swapped the butter for a strong pungent pure olive oil? If you haven't, yet, now's the time...

putting marmelade toast with olive oil together - here's how:

Here's how to do it - take your favourite bread and toast it to perfection. 

Then, instead of adding butter (think cholesterol, think climate), add Serriana Olive Oil and then, top with your favourite bitter orange or Sevilla orange marmalade!

It's the best combination of the slightly burnt crunch of perfected toasted bread with the smooth but smoky flavour of the best olive oil from the Sierra Espadan.

Then the bitter sweet tang of great marmalade.

Mmmm! It's the best!

Marmalade and olive oil on brown toast

Making your Marmalade on toast - with olive oil, is a great healthy way to start the day.

And, you can use Serriana Olive Oil instead of butter in many more ways to both add great flavour to your cooking whilst eating more healthily. Have you tried eggs on toast with olive oil, for instance? Or, how about baking a cake with olive oil instead of butter?

Or, olive oil apple crumble?

And, using olive oil instead of butter, is, of course,  much better for our planet. 

Olive oil 'eats' carbon - where as butter production produces lots of carbon. If you are interested, here is an article on how eating more olive eat helps fight climate change.

Are You Ready to Let Serriana Olive Oil Inspire Your Cooking?

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