Olive oil crumble is less a new dish and more a way to substitute butter with olive oil.

olive oil crumble

Why would you swap butter for olive oil in a crumble?

Olive oil is so much healthier for you than the equivalent amount of butter. And, importantly, butter produces a huge amount of carbon whereas olive oil actually captures carbon!

If you want to make an impact - for the good of your health and the good of the planet, then swapping olive oil for butter is a great way to do it. And a crumble is a great place to start. 

Even if you sway back to butter every now and then, it all helps.

a favourite way to swap butter for olive oil.

So, take your favourite apple or plum or fruit crumble and swap the 150 grams of butter for an equivalent 100 grams (or millilitres) of olive oil. 

So, effectively, you use 2/3rd the amount of olive oil for the stated amount of butter.

Hence, in this BBC Good Food Apple Crumble recipe, it suggests 110 grams of butter. And, instead, you can use 73ml of Serriana olive oil.

Olive Oil Crumble in the Spanish mountains

Here's an apple and pear crumble recipe that we made with olive oil instead of butter in the crumble.

It looks the same, it smells the same and it tastes... 

...well, if not the same, then better!

And it still has that buttery crumble flavour and texture.

how to put your olive oil crumble together



600g of fruit
If you are using bitter fruit, like Bramley apples, then add a couple of tablespoons of sugar or honey. With less bitter fruit, you can get away with less sugar.


175 of plain flour, or, to be healthy, use ground oats instead

100g of brown sugar. Don't use honey here - it's too sticky - you need to add sugar for great crumble

70g of Serriana Olive Oil

My favourite toppings are blanched almonds which give the crumble a slight marzipan taste! Delicious!


A fruit crumble is very easy to make!

1. Turn on the oven - set at 190 degrees centigrade.

2. Peel, core and slice your fruit and place in an oven ready dish.

3 Then, make your crumble. Place the flour / ground oats and sugar in a large bowl and mix with your hands.

Slowly add the olive oil until the mixture becomes crumbly!

The amount of oil that you need will vary a bit - so don't worry about exact measures.

4. Evenly place the crumble mix on top of the fruit.

5. Top with blanched almonds or a little extra sugar.

6. Place in the oven on a baking tray (to catch any drops) for 35 minutes at the 190 degrees centigrade temperature.

Let it cool a bit first, then eat it!

Olive oil for butter table of measures

Here's how to quickly convert the amount of olive oil to use instead of butter. 

Take the recommended amount of butter and double it. Then, divide by three - and that's the amount of olive oil you use instead.

Essentially, you use 2/3rds of the butter amount if using olive oil instead.

450 grams of butter is 300 grams or ml of olive oil
300 grams of butter is 200 grams or ml of olive oil
150 grams of butter is 100 grams or ml of olive oil
100 grams of butter is 67 grams or ml of olive oil
120 grams of butter is 80 grams or ml of olive oil
50 grams of butter is 33 grams or ml of olive oil

Find out about more ways to swap butter for olive oil here.

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