How do you like to enjoy your Serriana Olive Oil? Do you keep it by the stove and need a chucky large (or small) bottle? Do you like to present it on the table alongside a vinegar drizzler? Or does your olive oil bottle dispenser need to work everywhere? Stove, table and outside by the BBQ?

Olive Oil Dispenser bottle

We've brought together a collection of beautiful, practical olive oil dispensers and bottles. They'll work anywhere you need them. 

But, most importantly, they are easy to refill with Serriana Olive Oil cans

That means you can enjoy a long life with your beautiful bottles and dispensers and enjoy fabulous buttery olive oil. And, of course, you reduce packaging and waste and re-use rather than just recycle!

1. Olive oil Bottle from Serriana

Not only is this strong and stable bottle beautiful, it also comes filled with the fabulous Serriana Olive Oil!

It is perfect for refilling with Serriana 3 litre cans. And, yes, it comes almost entirely plastic free.

A lovely weight, it will be perfect around your stove, your BBQ as well as looking magnificent on your kitchen table.

Available to buy on Amazon UK here.

2. OLIVE OIL DISPENSER - Croco Studios

The oil dispenser, with long and curved spout, is ideal for exact pouring of olive oils for pasta, pizza, BBQ & other dishes.

When not in use, copper oil cruet is a distinctive storage container or decorative accessory for your kitchen. Made by hand by a copper artisans using centuries-old craftsmanship.

More than any other metal, copper has the longest and richest historical connection with humans. Hand-crafted from 100% copper with artisan methods to capture an incredible level of detail.

Available to buy here.

Croco Studio - copper olive oil dispenser

3. Olive oil Bottle from ceramiche borgiolI

Hand-decorated ceramic oil bottle “Campestre” by ceramiche borgioli

Available to buy here.

Square-based ceramic oil bottle made and decorated by hand with love and passion in the heart of Tuscany.

The modern shape, the decoration and the classic and lively colours confirm the current style of our creations, always studied with care and attention to quality.

This beautiful and functional cruet is part of the “Campestre” collection; the sunflower of a beautiful yellow with shades of orange, the ears of wheat and the inevitable red poppies stand out against the white background giving a taste of summer, joy and all-Italian freshness.

An excellent idea for setting the table, furnishing the house with an inimitable, classic but always current, ceramic olive oil bottle.

4. Ceramic Olive oil Bottle by AMPULI AMBIANCe

Classic terracotta olive oil bottles in glazed deep straw yellow.

These beautiful bottles are completed handmade in the traditional Apulian (Southern Italy) style.

Choose between different bottle sizes of 0.3l, 0.5l and 1l.

All models are customisable with dates, names, logos and colours. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Available to buy here.

Ampulia Ambiance ceramic olive oil bottle

5. Olive oil Bottle from My Dearest Shop

Glass bottle dispenser of olive oil by My Dearest Shop Duesseldorf

Simple, clear glass olive oil dispenser bottle from My Dearest Shop.

Based in Duesseldorf, My Dearest Shop uses classic clean German design to create a beautiful whilst functional olive oil bottle.

The bottle shape is round, contains up to 500ml of olive oil and with a heavy base, it will sit comfortably on your dinning table, in your pantry or beside your stove.

The bottle is made from clear glass, whilst the spout is made from natural cork with a brass head.

Available to buy here.

Do you have an unusual or beautiful or special olive oil bottle that you would like us to feature here? If so, please let us know...