Olive Oil Recipes can vary from simple things - like eggs on toast with olive oil all the way to new cooking ideas. Have you tried an Mediterranean Nut Roast, for instance? Or, are you looking to swap butter for olive oil in some of your old favourites like apple crumble? If so, read on...

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We've split our olive oil recipes into three sections - Swap, Swap, Start! Because these sections describe the three different ways you can use olive oil. 

I'll explain each here - because it will also help you think about news ways you can introduce olive oil into your favourite recipes too.

Swap - these recipes are tried and trusted favourites where you simply swap butter for olive oil - with fabulous consequences for both flavour and your health.

Add - these are recipes that benefit from adding olive oil - such as adding Serriana Olive Oil to your shop bought hummus, or a salad, will just lift the flavour and aroma of your recipe.

New - lastly, the 'New' recipes includes recipes that you may not have tried yet. They all use a healthy amount of olive oil, and you can be sure they will be good for you too!

An olive oil diet is great for lowering cholesterol and building a healthy heart. However, make sure you buy premium olive oil from a quality artisan producer. You want your olive oil cold processed and not mixed with any cheaper oils (which is starting to happen quite a lot).

Let's eat carbon for lunch

Olive oil recepies...

Tomato salsa for pizza

This Tomato Salsa is perfect pasta, casseroles or as a pizza base.

Cream of Spinach, Walnut and Mushroom Soup with Serriana Olive Oil

Cream of Spinach, walnut and mushroom soup is a power food to keep you going!

Lentejas with olive oil

Brown lentils (or Lentejas as we say in Spain) is a wonderful winter warming dish.


Yes, Serriana is some of the best olive oil in the world.

You can enjoy it raw or cooked, fried or baked! And it is always good for you and the planet.

Now, you have some ideas about what are you going to cook (or make) with Serriana Olive Oil? 

I've shared some of my favourite recipes above. 

Some of them are raw-food recipes. In other words, the ingredients are not heated in any way and there is no loss of nutritional value.  You just add olive oil!

However, many traditional recipes can be given an olive oil twist by, say, swapping butter for olive oil.

enjoying the mediterranean diet

Of course, there many reasons to choose a Mediterranean diet. It might be because you prefer the taste or from a desire to eat less meat.

However, above all, we should all do it for our health! 

For instance, we can expect a 25% reduction in dementia risk or a similar reduction in heart disease too.

Regardless of your reasons, start to look play with my recipes above and discover your own new recipes too. 

Typically, you'll find them listed under Mediterranean diet and North African cooking.

Welcome to your new cooking adventures! 

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