pumpkin soup recipe

Topped with Serriana olive oil

This pumpkin soup recipe is a delicious, warming, autumnal and winter soup. It's simple and quick. A one pot recipe. But you will need a food processor or handheld liquidiser. Feeds four as a light supper.

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Pumpkin SouP Recipe - Method and ingredients

Step 1 - place in a large pan and fry until golden / soft

100 grams of bitter onions, and

100 grams of sweet (red) onions, or shallots or leeks

2 or 3 garlic cloves

40 grams of Serriana Olive Oil

Step 2 - peel, chop (medium size), add and fry gently for 20 minutes

600 grams of butternut squash (you can also use / mix with sweet potatoes)

add any strong leafed fresh herbs - such as rosemary (optional)

Step 3 - add vegetable stock and other herbs

400 grams of vegetable stock (or 400 grams of water with powered vegetable stock)

add salt, pepper, powered ginger (or a garam masala mix) and nutmeg (optional)

Step 4 - bring to the boil and then add

100 grams of oat milk (or almond milk or cows milk)

Step 5 - purée everything!

Just wizz it all together.

Step 6 - pour into a serving bowls (or directly to soup bowls) and sprinkle on top

a handful of pumpkin seeds

a drizzle of Serriana Olive Oil

a sprinkling of fresh soft leafed herbs such as thyme (optional)

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

If you like this pumpkin soup recipe, then make double - or as much as your pan will allow.

This pumpkin soup with Serriana Olive Oil makes a great left over dish for tomorrow.

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