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Save money! Stop waste!

Don't recycle your beautiful Serriana olive oil bottle
– buy a 3 litre aluminium can and refill your bottles INSTEAD!

Serriana olive oil refill 3 litre aluminium tin

Refilling your olive oil bottle is a great because:

It saves you a lot of money and is great for your health
You can reuse your beautiful glass bottles
As you eat more olive oil, so the olive trees capture more carbon, which is great for our planet
you can enjoy pure, buttery, rich olive oil, direct, from the Spanish mountains
You help to support the farmers who protect this vulnerable environment

*no obligation to buy

Serriana Olive Oil - it's good, right? It tastes great, saves money, feels good & helps our planet.

Refilling your beautiful Serriana Olive Oil bottles is as easy as 1,2,3,4...

Serriana olive oil 3 litre refill can - finding the pull tags
Serriana olive oil - lifting the 3 litre refill tin caps
Serriana olive oil - removing the 3 litre refill tin caps
Serriana olive oil 3 litre refill can - pouring olive oil

What's so good about Serriana pure Spanish mountain olive oil:


A 3 litre refill tin of Serriana olive oil captures (yes, captures) more than 30kg of carbon - because the olive trees store it in their trunks, their branches and in the soil


Smokey, buttery, rich tasting extra virgin olive oil - it tastes like, I don't know, liquid gold?

Serriana olive oil is grown on sandstone soils and included unique Serrana olive tree varieties - all of which add to its unique flavour


Serriana Olive Oil is a pure national park sourced olive oil that is rich in phenolic compounds and has many health giving properties. 

It is a cornerstone to the famous heart healthy Mediterranean diet

Serriana Olive Oil Refill - reuse and recycle

Our refills come in 3 litre aluminium cans. 

The metal is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable and protects our Serriana Olive Oil from heat, light and air. 

This ensures that you receive wonderful olive oil - tasting as it should - fabulous! And, it is the best way to avoid waste packaging.

Also, the highly efficient aluminium can design means that we can use a minimum of card packaging and reduce the impact of delivery by designing perfectly formed boxes that prevent the transportation of 'air'.

The 3 litre sized cans will make it easy to refill your beautiful bottles - which means that you can do better than just recycle your Serriana Olive Oil bottles - you can reuse them!

Oh, and by buying 3 litre cans and refilling your bottles, from our direct delivery, you'll save a lot of money too!

Serriana Olive Oil Refills - great for you, great for our planet!

* no obligation to buy

We can offer the best Serriana Olive Oil at the lowest prices by concentrating a group of deliveries into one larger delivery which we send out from Spain.  However, we can only do this every other month or so. Hence, we will send alerts inviting you to pre-order ahead of our next delivery. 

And, because we don't have to pay Amazon or UK warehousing, we can offer you the best price. However, if you can't wait and want to order your 3 litre Serriana olive oil can, right now, you can here. Of course, if you can hang on for our next delivery, you'll buy at the very best price.

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