Spanish Onion Soup is easy, quick and cheap to make. It is just like French onion soup but uses Spanish wine instead of French and swaps butter for extra virgin olive oil. Swapping butter for pure olive oil makes the soup a heart healthy recipe!

Spanish onion soup

The secret to great Spanish Onion Soup lies in how you caramelise the onions and the quality of the ingredients that you use.  For instance, Spanish white wine often has a deeper flavour that typical French wine and is often a little bit cheaper too.

How to make Spanish onion soup

Makes about 4 medium large bowlfuls. Takes about an hour to make from end to end.


6 medium large white onions (about 30g of Serriana Olive Oil (or two tablespoons) 
2 garlic gloves (peeled and chopped)
a splash of apple vinegar (or balsamic vinegar or vinagre de jerez) 
half a glass of Spanish white wine (choose a wine that has a darker straw colour - if possible) 
800g of vegetable stock (or, water and a vegetable stock cube) 
2 bay leaves, a sprig of thyme (and or other mountainous herbs)
2 or 3 slices of brown or granary bread

2 or 3 thin slices of mature (Manchego) cheese or, a vegan alternative
Chopped Parsley - about a small handful - or any other soft aromatic herb (such as basil for instance)

how to make it

1. The trick to wonderful Spanish Onion Soup is time!

Let your onions fry gently and slowly - allowing about 40 minutes to caramalise and release all their lovely sugars - added the garlic after twenty minutes and the splash of vinegar after 30 minutes

2. Add the Spanish wine and fry at a higher temperature for about 5 minutes.

3. Add the vegetable stock plus any herbs (bay leaves, thyme and or rosemary etc

4. Toast your bread and cut into triangular slices, 

5. Pour the soup into oven proof bowls, lay the toast and cheese on the surface and briefly grill for 2 minutes

6. Finally, sprinkle fresh parsley and serve. And enjoy of course! And, if you have any Spanish white wine left, why not serve that too!

Vegan option

This recipe is vegan except for the cheese. So, if you want to remove animal fats entirely from this recipe you can just drop the cheese or use a vegan cheese, or, as I prefer, spread hummus on the toast. Lastly, if you have an savoury onion jam or pickle, that will work well too!

Spanish Onion Soup

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