This Spinach and Potato recipe - with Serriana olive oil - is quick to make and easy to eat! It's delicious and healthy too - and forms part of our healthy heart series of Mediterranean diet recipes.

Spinach and potato recipe

The beauty of Spinach and Potato recipe is that it is a really simple, one pot dish. And, it is nutritious, tasty and filling too.

Here's what you need and how to do it:

Ingredients & Steps for spinach and potato recipe

Step 1 - fry for 3 minutes

3 cloves of garlic
50 grams of Serriana olive oil

Step 2 - add and cook for 10 minutes

250 grams of chopped potatoes
30 grams of raisins

Step 3 - add and cook for a further 8 minute

300 grams of (chopped) fresh spinach leaves
1 vegetable stock cube (crumbled)
30 grams sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon of vinegar (or apple vinegar)

Step 4 - service and drizzle Serriana Olive Oil on top.

Feeds 4 people as a main dish

Spinach and Potato Recipe

Looks great, eh?

In total, this simple recipe will take about 20 minutes to prepare - and about 3 minutes to eat!

You'll need fresh spinach of course and whilst local grown is better, you may need to buy this at a local supermarket. If you do, then it will be quicker and easier to prepare (it's probably already washed), however, you will need to eat it quickly.

Or, if you can grow spinach in a small plot at or near home - all year round

Everything else is cupboard based and with a good apple or balsamic vinegar and Serriana Olive Oil, it will taste just perfect.

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