Spanish Olive Oil Gift Boxes

Great Tasting, Carbon Capturing, Life Sustaining, Health Enhancing, Quality Topping:

Beautiful, health enriching olive oil gift boxes from the Spanish mid mountains. This olive oil is some of the best, smokiest, most flavoursome, smooth olive oil you can find. 

It's like, well, liquid gold!

It will add an extra level of flavour and depth to any of your favourite dishes as well as help you discover interesting new ways to cook. Although, there is more to the olive oil in these bottles than meets the eye or even the tongue...

750ml Olive Oil Bottle - Serriana extra virgin olive oil from Spain

...when you enjoy Serriana™ olive oil you are supporting local farmers. These farmers cultivate and preserve the olive trees which, in turn, capture and store carbon in their branches, their trunks and into the soil.

When you taste this pure Spanish mountain olive oil, you are doing good for you and for our planet and the people who care for our world. Beautifully presented in gift box, this makes an ideal present for you or your loved ones.

750ml 'Argos' Bottle - strong and sturdy - and Refillable

One of our favourite bottles - especially for those who like to cook either inside or outside on the BBQ!

This strong and sturdy 750ml bottle of pure Spanish mid Mediterranean mountain olive oil looks great by your kitchen or on your table and is a joy to hold and use.

Designed to be refilled, you can keep reusing and enjoying your bottle for a long time to come. Delivered in an artisan gift box.


Serriana Olive Oil - 750ml glass bottle and gift box
Serriana olive oil - 750ml Argos glass bottle
Serriana Olive Oil - 750ml pure Spanish olive oil in a gift box
Serriana Olive Oil - 750ml refillable glass bottle
Serriana Olive Oil - 750ml Argos glass bottle of pure Spanish olive oil


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