Top tip: don't buy olive oil! No, really. If you want to buy the best olive oil, then, buy 'EXTRA VIRGIN' olive oil. Lower quality oil is sold as 'mild' or 'light' or 'olive oil' or even 'virgin olive oil'.

If it doesn't say 'Extra Virgin' don't buy it. Read on to find out why. And, the one exception...

How to Buy the best Olive Oil
the Truth About Variants, Health Benefits and Costs

Go for the best. When it comes to buying olive oil. 

From the flavourful Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to the seemingly ordinary Olive Oil and the often misunderstood Refined Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil there are great difference. 

Each variant undergoes distinct processes, some natural and some chemical. Therefore, they are quite different products. And vary greatly in terms of health benefits and flavour.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): Nature's Liquid Gold

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the king of the olive oil kingdom. The olive are mechanically pressed to extra the oil. No heat or chemicals are involved. Therefore, this method preserves the oil's natural flavours and nutrients. 

EVOO boasts unmatched purity, low acidity, and a rich, fruity aroma. A vibrant green colour and distinct peppery kick are testament to its unadulterated extraction.

If you are health-conscious, go for EVOO. And it tastes great too. This liquid gold is packed with antioxidants. These include vitamin E and polyphenols, which combat inflammation, support heart health, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Moreover, EVOO is rich in monounsaturated fats. So, these fats are linked to improved cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of stroke.

On the other hand, 'virgin olive oil' (without the 'extra'), while still of decent quality, has higher acidity levels. And a less pronounced flavour profile. 

extra virgin Olive oil from Serriana

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This extra virgin olive oil is a vibrant green gold and carries the distinctive peppery taste. 

This special oil is cold pressed from the olives that grow in the Spanish natural park of La Sierra Espadan.

Here, in the Spanish mid mountains, there is practically no pollution. And, the higher altitude means less risk of plagues. Nor need to use chemicals on the olive trees.

Lastly, the Mediterranean breezes cool the olives during the summer and bring much needed moisture.

All of which delivers, once cold pressed without chemical extraction, one of the finest and most noble extra virgin olive oils.

Serriana olive oil Tasting 

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Olive Oil: The Middle Ground

Olive Oil, often referred to as "Pure Olive Oil" or "Olive Oil," is a blend of refined olive oil and a small percentage of EVOO. 

Refined olive oil is produced from olives with defects or inferior quality. Therefore, heat and chemical solvents are used to remove impurities. While this process makes it more stable for cooking, it also strips away much of the natural flavour. And some nutrients.

Sometimes this variant is sold as "light" or "mild". This can be misleading. The term "light" does not refer to reduced calories but rather to a milder taste compared to EVOO. So, for health-focused consumers, this is not the best oil.  Olive Oil lacks the robust health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to the refining process.

Nevertheless, if your primary purpose is using olive oil for deep fried cooking, Olive Oil is an acceptable choice. However, for the full spectrum of health benefits and unadulterated flavour, it's best to use EVOO for light frying, drizzling and finishing dishes.

Refined Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil: The Dark Side

Refined Olive Oil sits at the bottom of the olive oil barrel. It requires extensive processing involving heat, solvents, and deodorization. Hence, it is a lesser version of Olive Oil. And devoid of the vibrant flavours and nutritional value found in EVOO. 

Refined Olive Oil is often used in the food industry and can find its way onto store shelves in blends with more refined oils.

Pomace Olive Oil is the uninvited guest in the olive oil family. It is extracted from the residue left after pressing olives. This oil is subjected to heavy refining processes and is of the lowest quality, both in terms of flavour and nutrients. It's best avoided altogether.

While refined and pomace olive oils may be marketed as cost-effective and versatile, they come with minimal health benefits. And can even be detrimental when used regularly. These oils lack the antioxidants and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that make EVOO a nutritional powerhouse.


In conclusion, your choice of olive oil matters more than you might think. Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands as the pinnacle of quality. It offers unmatched health benefits and flavour. 

Olive Oil, while suitable for deep frying , should still be chosen carefully. 

Meanwhile, refined and pomace olive oils should be avoided for regular consumption if health or flavour is a priority.

In your pursuit of high-quality olive oil, remember that price and packaging alone can't guarantee quality. Always check the label for key indicators like "Extra Virgin," and look for reputable producers. 

highest quality - lowest cost

Serriana olive oil - removing the 3 litre refill tin caps

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