Eggs on Toast with Serriana Olive Oil

Eggs on toast is a great quick and easy meal anywhere and any time.

But have you ever tried it with Serriana Olive Oil instead of butter? Go on, you know you want too...

Eggs on Toast made with olive oil

What you need:

One or two slices of brown or granary bread

Two (or one) egg(s)

30 ml of Serriana olive oil (enough to just fill the pan - remember, the oil will expand when it heats up)

A sprinkle of aromatic herbs (basil or oregano or Herbes de Provence etc)

Absolutely no butter what-so-ever!

And the trick...

Here's the trick. Use your Serriana Olive Oil to fry the eggs - AND - then pour that oil - instead of butter - onto your toast.

So, use the olive oil TWICE! And don't waste a drop!

It also means that you don't use butter to fry your eggs nor to 'butter' your toast!

This really is an incredibly easy way to swap butter for olive oil and live more healthily.

Tips When Frying Eggs

Use a smaller frying pan as it makes the oil deeper.
Use a lid (from a pan or similar metal lid) to capture steam and help cook the top of the eggs too.
Use a cup with a nice sharp edge to break your eggs before placing them gently into the pan of warm to hot oil
Take the pan off the heat when you add your eggs - just so that all the eggs have the same cooking time
Eggs on Toast made with olive oil

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