Serriana Olive Oil Tasting is fun and helps you learn about what makes a special olive oil. Begin looking for an 'extra virgin olive oil' from a low chemical region (ie a national park and higher altitude). But how do you judge quality by tasting olive oil? Here's our guide on how to set a fun tasting event with friends...

Serriana Olive Oil Tasting

Serriana olive OIL Tasting guide
how to set up and have fun in 5 easy steps

Serriana Olive Oil Tumbler 300x300

1. choose a tumbler

Choose a glass that allows you to swirl and smell the Serriana Olive Oil.

Find a glass or tumbler that has a wide enough neck to allow the aromas of the olive oil to rise up.

Perhaps, one a bit like this one? A brandy glass also works! 🙂

2. add the olive oil

Serriana Olive Oil is rich in taste and has a lovely 'full' texture. So, you don't need to use much to enjoy it.

We suggest a 15ml or 1 tablespoon portion per person. 

This amount is about 1/3 of a 'single' that you might receive if you ordered a whiskey.

Serriana Olive Oil Tumbler 300x300
Swirl the Serriana Olive Oil

3. swirl and Look

Swirl the olive oil in the glass to warm it. 

Hold it up to the light - what colours do you see?


Green?  Or Green gold? 

(Tip, use different light backgrounds to see the oil colour change).

4. Inhale the aromas 

Now that you have swirled Serriana Olive Oil, it is time to inhale the aromas.

First, place your hand above the glass and swirl again. This will help trap the aromas.

Now, place your nose in the glass and inhale deeply. How would you describe the aroma?

Smelling Serriana Olive Oil
Drinking Serriana Olive Oil

5. Sip and slug 

Lastly, take a small sip, while breathing in through your mouth. This will oxygenate the olive oil so that you can appreciate the full flavour.

Next, slug back the remaining oil. You want to feel and taste the oil, beyond your tongue and in your mouth and at the back of your throat.

now make notes!

Olive oil is typically judged on three criteria - how would you score the Serriana Olive Oil taste against each criteria on a score of 1 to 5 (5 being highest)?


Did you sense the pepperiness and slight heat of the olive oil?

Particularly in your mouth and throat - when you slugged back the oil?

Did you sense the 'richness' of the oil?


Did you notice the level of bitterness? 

Equally, did you sense the smoothness of the Serriana Olive Oil?

High quality Olive Oil needs to score a low level of acidity (it will taste rancid).  

However, a quality olive oil will have a bitter taste.


Did your olive oil taste of fresh cut grass? Or perhaps artichokes?

Did you taste nuts? Almonds perhaps?

Did you experience the smooth taste of butter?

Yes, olive oil's 'fruitiness' includes vegetable flavours too.

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This is a particularly authoritative article on olive oil tasting if you'd like to explore this topic a little more deeply.  Or, maybe you need to get hold of some premium Spanish olive oil first...

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