Greek Salad with Olive Oil - is simple, fresh and delicious! And, like so many raw foods, the quality comes down to your ingredients.

Greek salad with olive oil
- how to put it together

There is no cooking involved in a Greek Salad with Olive Oil - so, the taste and flavour largely comes down to the quality of your ingredients. 

Ideally, buy your fresh ingredients - the onion, the red pepper, the cucumber from a farm shop or farmer's market. Shop bought will often have less taste.

However, even with shop bought vegetables, if you had fabulous Serriana Olive Oil, real Feta cheese and some slightly spice black olives (probably from a jar or a tin), then you can bring everything to life.

So here's what you need:

1 Onion (ideally, red onions or sweeter salad onions / shallots)

1 Red pepper, sliced

Half a cucumber, sliced

12 Black olives - halved

100 grams of feta cheese - cubed

Pepper, basil (or oregano)

Lots of Serriana Olive Oil

And, don't forget the basil (or oregano) - even if it is dried, you can revitalise the herbs by soaking them in Serriana olive oil first.

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Greek Salad with Olive Oil

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